Welcome to my home on the web.  I'm excited to be venturing into the realm of eBooks--not just for my novels that were previously published in paperback, but also for my new novels. Like the above picture of the plant sprouting, I feel the world of publishing has a whole new beginning, and I'm loving being a part of it.

Creating an eBook is not without some challenges. 

How do I create a good cover? I can't use the original artwork because it's copyrighted.  I search the web for stock photos, but the choice is discouraging. I price people who can create covers, but the price is too high for what I want.  What to do? I looked over at my two grown children, and said, "Will you be my models?"

My son Brent said he could be a smuggler and a pirate.  The covers for Treasured Embrace and Pirate's Angel were set.

My daughter and her boyfriend agreed to do the gambler/gunslinger pose. The cover for Sweet Conquest was born.
Treasured Embrace
Sweet Conquest
Pirate's Angel

It was fun, taking the pictures.  I was able to use some of my past experiences as a model during the shoot, but the three of them were naturals.  And the results were breathtaking.  We all agreed they will also pose for the new novels I will be releasing soon.  My son is even thinking about expanding the cover modeling for other people's books.

Treasured Embrace, Sweet Conquest, and Pirate's Angel have already been released onto all major eBook venues, and will be followed soon by two brand-new novels.

It's been challenging moving to eBooks.  I had to get my rights back for the previously published novels, figure out how to re-format the manuscripts for e-pubbing, learn how to turn a photograph into a book cover, and discover how to distribute the eBooks to online venues such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Was it all worth it?  You betcha!